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Pure Enchantment + Michael Potter + The Spookfish + Lexi Hex

Pure Enchantment (PHILLY/NY)
~ ecstatic fantasias & improv exotica for strings and percussion featuring Ed Wilcox, captain of Temple of Bon Matin (Siltbreeze, Bulb) and Turner Williams of Ramble Tamble (Eiderdown) & ex-Guardian Alien (Thrill Jockey). Their new album 'Humid Misterioso' OUT NOW on Null Zone
*+* Listen here :

Michael Potter (GA)
MP is an OG Athens, GA head known for his pastoral solo psychedelic guitar excursions, his noise/psych collective The Electric Nature, collaborations with Crazy Doberman, and his prolific tape labels NULL ZONE and Garden Portal. For this tour he'll be playing sets of droney, ambient American Primitive-influenced solo guitar songs and improvisations. He's got a new EP called 'Rain Song' coming out June 7th on Already Dead Tapes

the spookfish (NY)
Haunted mountain creeper ghosting the known universe for another private green whirled aka delicate classical guitar constructions contact mic'd to synth dustbunnies in the twilight.
Lexi Hex (NY)
Playful, tripped songwriting & outrospective m0000ds...