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Tyvek + Stefan Christensen + Parashi

Tyvek is coming to Tubby’s! These loud and deftly literate Detroit punks don’t come east all that much, so don’t miss em! They’ve put out records in the past on fine labels like Siltbreeze, What’s Your Rupture, and In the Red. Guaranteed to get inside yr head, either with their killer tunes or abstract tales of modern life.

Stefan Christensen’s solo works revolve around guitar, voice, and tapes. He’s a longtime member of New Haven psych monsters Headroom, and his latest LP “Unknown Fortune” is a crusher.

Parashi uses synths, tapes, metal objects, and voices to create dark, bleary-eyed soundscapes. He’s also a member of Albany psych units Burnt Hills and Sky Furrows.

Come through! This’ll be worth yr more act TBA soon.

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One Eleven Heavy (Royal Trux + Wooden Wand)

Dan Brown (Royal Trux/68 Comeback) - Bass
Hans Chew (D. Charles Speer & The Helix/Jack Rose) - Piano
Nick Mitchell Maiato (Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura) - Guitar/Vocals
Jake Morris (Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks) - Drums
James Toth (Wooden Wand) - Guitar/Vocals

‘Music From Big Pink or Workingman’s Dead being deconstructed by Royal Trux.’ MOJO 

‘Sounding somewhat like The Band and Crazy Horse with a smattering of roots-era Dead, One Eleven Heavy is centred around a veritable roster of players… It’s organic, joyous, upbeat and natural.’ Shindig! 

'An unabashed, triumphantly affectionate recreation of what Gram Parsons called Cosmic American Music - the country, folk and blues-informed psychedelic rock of the late 1960s and early 70s.' The Wire 

‘It swings on a revolving door of goofball riffs, spun up and spun around all dizzy from an elastic rock and roll boogie.’ NPR 

‘Taps into a collective consciousness of what was actually “classic” about rock, without being dictated by what was pressed, sold or spun through the static crackle of radio. This echoes the ’72-’74-era Grateful Dead as it was lived in the room, and not as it was felt from the runout.’ Raven Sings The Blues 

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Chris Brokaw (solo) + Andy Schwartz + Fred Lonberg-Holm

This will be Chris Brokaw’s second time performing at Tubby’s. He last played with Thalia Zedek and damn did it rule. I literally wrote fan letters to his band Codeine when I was in high school so having him play is a real treat.

Joining Chris for the evening is ANDY SCHWARTZ. Who will be doing a reading. Andy used to run NY ROCKER, one of the best punk papers ever, back in late 70's/early 80's. To my knowledge he's never done a reading before so this should be very special.

Here is the copy and pasted bio from Chris’s website:

Chris Brokaw is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, drummer and film composer based in Boston. He was born in New York City and raised in the outlying suburbs. He attended Oberlin College, where he took exactly two music-related classes: Multi-track Recording and Steel Drumming.

Chris is perhaps best known for his work as the drummer in CODEINE and the guitarist in COME, who made several albums in the 1990's for the labels Sub Pop and Matador that are considered landmarks in American independent rock music.

Since 2001, Chris has focused primarily on his work as a solo artist, making numerous albums of vocal and instrumental music. This has ranged from full on rock ("Red Cities", "Incredible Love", "Gambler's Ecstasy") to explorations of the 6-string and 12-string acoustic guitars ("Canaris", "VDSQ Solo Acoustic Volume 3") to the experimental and abstract ("Tundra", "Gracias, Ghost of the Future","The Periscope Twins"). His 2017 cd "The Hand That Wrote This Letter" presents instrumental classical guitar versions of David Bowie and Prince songs. Throughout, Chris has maintained an active solo touring schedule in the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and Russia.

Chris has become active in film scoring, and has composed original music for the following films: "I Was Born, But" (Roddy Bogawa, 2004), "Road" (Leslie McCleave, 2005, which received the award for Best Original Score at the Brooklyn International Film Festival); "Sospira" (Lana Z. Caplan, 2011); "Taken By Storm" (Roddy Bogawa, 2011); "Now, Forager" (Julia Halperin/Jason Cortlund, 2012); "Barracuda" (Julia Halperin/Jason Cortlund, 2017); and "Buck Run" (Nick Frangione, scheduled for release in 2018). Both "Taken by Storm" and "Now, Forager" screened in 2012 at MOMA in New York City.

Chris has performed and recorded as an accompanist to a wide range of musical artists, including Thurston Moore, Steve Wynn, Evan Dando, Christina Rosenvinge, Jennifer O'Connor, Rhys Chatham, Alan Licht, GG Allin, and Johnny Depp.

He has composed music for the Dagdha Dance Company (Limerick, Ireland) and Kino Dance (Boston); collaborated with dancer Jimena Bermejo in a duo for dance and music (New York, Boston, and Belfast); collaborated with playwright Rinde Eckert and director Robert Woodruff on the opera "Highway Ulysses" (American Repertory Theater, Cambridge); performed as one of 77 drummers in the Boredoms' "77 Boadrum" (New York); and performed as one of 200 guitarists in Rhys Chatham's "A Crimson Grail" at Lincoln Center, New York. One of his projects, Dirtmusic (with Chris Eckman and Hugo Race), performed at the Festival In The Desert, in Essakane, Mali, and collaborated with the Touareg band Tamikrest on an album recorded in Bamako, Mali.

Currently, Chris plays in the bands The New Year, The Empty House Cooperative, The Martha's Vineyard Ferries, The Lemonheads, and in duos with Geoff Farina and Lori Goldston.

Chris' 2018 releases include "Charnel Ground", a collaboration with James McNew and Kid Millions (on 12XU, April 2018) and the forthcoming solo album "End of the Night" (on VDSQ, autumn 2018). Other upcoming performances include the Hopscotch Festival (Raleigh, NC) and the National Gallery (Washington, DC) in September and the Invisible Festival (Brest, France) in November.

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Smoota + Tonus Maximus + Stovetop

Three uniquely magical acts:

SMOOTA - Sexy side project of TV on the Radio & The Gong Show Orchestra's trombone man

TONUS MAXIMUS - Glam Rock Cabaret accompanied by
OCTAVIA CUP dance theater

GREGORY STOVETOP - Working class songbird/human tornado

With a psychedelic light show by B.A. Miale

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Pure Enchantment + Michael Potter + The Spookfish + Lexi Hex

Pure Enchantment (PHILLY/NY)
~ ecstatic fantasias & improv exotica for strings and percussion featuring Ed Wilcox, captain of Temple of Bon Matin (Siltbreeze, Bulb) and Turner Williams of Ramble Tamble (Eiderdown) & ex-Guardian Alien (Thrill Jockey). Their new album 'Humid Misterioso' OUT NOW on Null Zone
*+* Listen here :

Michael Potter (GA)
MP is an OG Athens, GA head known for his pastoral solo psychedelic guitar excursions, his noise/psych collective The Electric Nature, collaborations with Crazy Doberman, and his prolific tape labels NULL ZONE and Garden Portal. For this tour he'll be playing sets of droney, ambient American Primitive-influenced solo guitar songs and improvisations. He's got a new EP called 'Rain Song' coming out June 7th on Already Dead Tapes

the spookfish (NY)
Haunted mountain creeper ghosting the known universe for another private green whirled aka delicate classical guitar constructions contact mic'd to synth dustbunnies in the twilight.
Lexi Hex (NY)
Playful, tripped songwriting & outrospective m0000ds...

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